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We had an interesting summer and with that came the sale of our house.  As the adventure is continuing, I need to give everyone a heads up.  Due to the timing of the house closings, I need to pack up all my beautiful oils, yummy ingredients, bottles, lids, labels and equipment for a few months.  Yes, it’s a little surreal and at times seems overwhelming, but the oils are really excited about their new place.

This was not an easy decision, a lot of factors came into play, but I feel this is the best decision for the circumstances.

The Sacred House will be temporarily closed from Dec.15th to March 15th, 2017.  

Now I may be able to open earlier, I’m hoping beginning of March, but it is still too early to tell.  When I know, I will be sure to inform all of you.

My family has to do the same thing you do… what do I need for the 3 months? Even I will not have access to my oils and ingredients.   Now, don’t go fretting!  It’s only 3 months… the one thing I cannot live without is the hand lotion in the winter months… so personally I will have two jars of that for sure.  For the deos…remember that jar goes forever!!!  You only need an itsy bitsy teeny weeny!!!  You probably won’t even notice, I’m closed!

What has always surprised me is how busy I am in January. I thought that this would be a month of sit back and relax and it hasn’t been.  What I suspect is happening is many of you go shopping with me for your loved ones and gift them with some amazing products, but you don’t buy anything for yourself and then in January you see all the Xmas money you got and you go shopping for yourselves!  I’m sorry, but this year, you can’t do that. You have to know what you want and enjoy it for Xmas, just know you will be able to balance the budgets that day.  And you get to enjoy everything with everyone else!

If you are skiing or going down south, not just at Xmas, but for March break…remember to grab some Sun Lotion!

A great stocking stuffer is also the one use bath salts…or maybe a whole bag, worth 8-16 baths..
Check out Bath Salts here!

Now the Hand Lotion is a great seller too!! I started out and was so beautifully supported by those that loved the deodorant that I made.  Now we have a new favourite.  My hand lotion with essential oils has become a great seller too!!!  And another great stocking stuffer!

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