Explorative ART

Explorative Art enhances the lives of seniors, adults and children

art-brushesExplorative Art is not about fine art classes to teach how to paint an apple or landscapes; it is specific planned exercises to facilitate a given intention to provide a richer fuller quality of life.

  • For the Elderly & Seniors: Explorative Art provides a safe, supportive and positive experience for those that are living with varying degrees of memory loss.
  • For Adults and Children: Explorative Art provides relief from the stress and demands of hectic lives and the opportunity to explore a personal creative self outside the ‘lines’ of conventional teachings.
Explorative Art promotes well-being at every age. Active older adults relax, explore, share, and enjoy Explorative Art’s creative and social aspects.


Susan-&-SeniorFor older adults, art can help individuals cope with age-related issues including mental and physical illness, lifestyle transition, grief, and communication.

As we age, our bodies, minds, activities, families, friends, and living environments change in many differerent ways. Explorative Art helps seniors in many settings, by providing a safe, supportive, and positive experience to help ease confusion, depression, fear, and pain.

Watercolour painting: The activity of colour between light and dark is the language of the soul. Colours speak a language more universal than any spoken word. Knowing how to speak and hear colour, I communicate non-verbally with my patients and with their illnesses.

Water, the bearer of life, facilitates the motion of the colours on paper as they create new colours among themselves. Form flows and dissolves in and out again. The process remains fluid until we choose to stop and let it dry.

The watercolour may be lovely to look at, but it is the actual process of colour and water on paper that is most important.

Explorative Art for Children and Adults

Through explorative art, imagination and creativity, both young and old can better communicate about their problems in a supportive atmosphere where they learn to cope with overwhelming and painful feelings.

Explorative Art has meaningful value for:

  • Children with learn difficulties
  • Children exhibiting low self-worth
  • Children with ADHD characteristics
  • Adults with chronic and terminal illness
  • Adults with memory loss, dementia
  • Adults with development disabilities


When my children started at the Waldorf School, I was so taken with the paintings and beeswax/clay modelling they were bringing home, that I took a few adult painting classes; became excited with what I was experiencing, enrolled and completed the 3 year ‘Art for Life’ Program at *Arscura

— Susan Eaton, Facilitator to Health and Wellness

*Arscura School for Living Art was founded on the principles of the work of Rudolf Steiner in Anthroposophy – a holistic approach to developing applications for art in healing and a path to personal, and social development.