W I N T E R   S O O T H I N G

lips-lip-balmTake care of your lips! Great texture smooths on your lips to keep them soft and hydrated.

Fight the winter winds with SMACK OF LOVE LIP BALM. Fits in your pocket or purse for quick access.

smack-of-love-lip-balmOrganic ingredients are lip friendly!





Please check out my article on water, summer winter, it’s so important!  ClassicUltraSonicNebulizerSilver_HiRes With a diffuser as shown left here you can diffuse a pine forest into living room for the holidays!  Just received Scotch pine essential oil from Bulgaria and it’s awesome.  Pine is great for the respiratory tract and keeping everyone’s immune system up.




F A L L  /  W I N T E R

HAND LOTION WITH ESSENTIAL OILS OF MYRRH, HONEY MYRTLE AND LITSEAAnother favourite!  Elements I lotion with essential oils has become a great seller! Great anytime of year.